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2024 Community Garden UPDATE

As a result of the impending construction and enhancement of our Public Safety facilities on campus, the 2024 Community Garden season has been canceled. The area designated for the new building coincides with the current garden space. Following the conclusion of construction, we aim to reassess the situation and identify a new site for future gardening endeavors.

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Pittsfield Township is pleased to host its community garden at Prairie Park, located adjacent to the Farmers Market site at the Administration Building.
 New for the 2023 season we are upgrading a number of beds in addition to one new bed and a community food pantry!
Beginning with the 2010 Pittsfield Master Plan, Pittsfield Township articulated and prioritized the dual needs of providing for: (a) the economic viability of agriculture; and (b) local food access. Since then, Pittsfield Township has fostered a vibrant farmers market along with instituting zoning changes to allow for greater economic success of local agriculture such as vending at annual events and local farm stands.
The Master Plan also calls for the establishment of community gardens: "These [community] gardens can help educate residents about the importance of local foods, help them make connections with farmers who may participate in these gardening activities, generate a strong sense of community, and provide all Township residents access to fresh, healthy produce." With the adoption of the 2020 Sustainable Vision Master Plan, a few years ago, Pittsfield Township took the "next step to hard-code sustainability into the DNA of our work processes and products," and defining establishment of community gardens at our public parks as a priority.

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Our Community Garden includes:

  • Nine 10'x4' raised garden beds
  • Eight 10'x4' double raised garden beds
  • Four 6'x4' double raised garden beds on an ADA accessible surface
  • Three 4'x4' table height garden beds on an ADA accessible surface
  • Equipment shed
  • Sharing Pantry
  • Compost bins
  • Water access
  • Rain barrels
  • Native/pollinator garden
  • Picnic area
  • Designated parking

For more information contact the garden coordinator at