2019 Bonding for Local Road Improvements

The Spring 2018 edition of the Pittsfield Post explicated an approach to addressing the challenges we face when it comes to the maintenance of local roads. At the time, the Township was considering issuing a $10 million bond to undertake a comprehensive local road repair program to be implemented directly by the Township, under the direction, as required by law, of the Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC). However, this initiative was unsuccessful because of the permitting and other requirements being imposed on the Township that, among other things, increased the cost significantly above the $10 million initially projected.

As such, in 2019, the Township requested the WCRC to provide it with a rating for all local, residential roads and we have issued a $4 million bond that will be used to pay the WCRC to undertake maintenance/repair work on the roads that were rated the worst. Our goal, at this time, is to rely on this bond issue and general fund monies to continue improving the condition of local, residential roads in Pittsfield Township while relying on the WCRC, per mandate, to recommend and implement these improvements.

Maps of the 2019 local road improvement projects: 

2019 Local Road Improvement Projects