What to Expect

Time Frame

It usually takes three to four weeks to receive and evaluate all of the applications. If we determine that you are a good match for our job opening, Human Resources (HR) will contact you to schedule an interview. An interview typically lasts about an hour.

Panel Format

Pittsfield Township employs a panel format for our interviews. The selection panel is comprised of the hiring manager, a representative from HR, and one or two other staff members (usually someone who has technical knowledge pertinent to the posted position or someone who will have close contact with the hired individual). The panel format provides a broad knowledge base and perspective to assist with the hiring decision. It provides you with the opportunity to meet several Pittsfield Township employees during your visit and insight into our organizational culture. It also ensures that selection decisions are made fairly and consistently by making the hiring decision a team to effort, and not just the decision of one person.

Behavior-Based Interviews

Behavior-based interviewing is based on the theory that past behavior is the best predictor of future performance. It focuses on your past job related experiences, behaviors, knowledge, skills and abilities. You will be asked open-ended questions that are designed to elicit specific examples of how you handled a real-world job situation. You can best answer these types of questions by giving thoughtful, specific, and detailed responses. You may use work experience, activities, hobbies, volunteer work, school projects, family life - anything really - as examples of your past behavior. Your responses should describe the particular situation you dealt with, and what did you do, think, decide, create, lead, etc. Don't forget to mention any positive results stemming from your actions or decisions. It is acceptable to pause before you answer a question if you need a few seconds to formulate an appropriate response to the question being asked. Our goal is to learn about your actual past experience; not what you would do in a hypothetical situation. As you plan for your interview, be prepared to describe how your current and prior work experience and/or education qualify you for the position.