2020 Census Redistricting Information

Redistricting Maps

In 2020, the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission revised the boundaries for Michigan's U.S. Congressional, State Senate, and State House districts. Additionally, the Washtenaw County Apportionment Commission has granted approval for the boundaries of the Washtenaw County Commissioners.

As a result of these boundary adjustments and district renumbering, all registered voters received updated Voter Identification Cards, featuring the latest district information. You can access district maps below or explore an interactive map of each district here.

County Commissioner

The County Commissioner boundary saw little change. Most residents within Pittsfield Township's boundaries are in District 4. Pittsfield Township islands in Saline are in District 3, and islands in Ann Arbor are in either District 7 or 9.County Commissioner

US Congressional

All residents of Pittsfield Township are located in District 6.US Congressional

Michigan State Senate

All Pittsfield residents are located in District 15.Michigan State Senate

Michigan State House

The majority of Pittsfield residents located in green below are in District 33. The remainder of Pittsfield residents located in the purple area are in District 32.Michigan State House