Solarize Toolkit

The Solarize Toolkit contains all of the necessary information and tools to ensure a successful implementation process for each Solarize campaign. Here, organizers and participants will find information pertaining to the Request for Proposal (RFP) process, solar energy tax credits, and financing.

The Guidebook

The Solarize Guidebook is a detailed narrative of the Solarize process. This document outlines the Timeline, Roles & Responsibilities, Financing, Tax Credits, and Step-by-Step guide to organizing a Solarize campaign.

1. Guidebook Cover Page

The RFP Guide & Template

Pittsfield Township is creating an RFP Guide and Template to ensure that each Solarize campaign has equitable access to qualified contractors. The township will spearhead RFP disbursement and processing, allowing for Solarize campaign organizers to focus on selecting a contractor that best fits their campaign needs.

The Tax Credit Guide

Solar installations qualify homeowners for the Federal Residential Solar Energy Tax Credit. This guide provides information financial information and eligibility for the tax credit, along with instructions for how to apply.

The Financing Guide

The Financing Guide provides information about financing with Michigan Saves. Michigan saves is the nation's first non-profit green bank that specializes in financing clean energy home improvements.