Supervisor Grewal, serving as the de-facto director of planning, has initiated, overseen and implemented multiple planning projects beginning with the 2010 Pittsfield Master Plan, which was the township's first broad-based public engagement process (2009-2011) designed to articulate a vision for our community. The vision, aimed at striking a balance between preservation and development, spurred the first comprehensive revision of the Zoning Ordinance in many decades. After gaining some experience with implementing priorities outlined in the Master Plan, Supervisor Grewal kicked-off the 2020 Vision planning process in October 2015. The objective of this community planning process was to update the Master Plan and revise the Parks & Recreation Plan such that both documents are synchronized and convey a cohesive, unified vision for Pittsfield Township.

Adopted in 2017, the 2020 Sustainable Vision Master Plan aims to hard code sustainability into the DNA of Pittsfield Township's work processes and protocols. Between 2019 and 2022, Dr. Grewal lead the most recent update of the Master Plan, Preserving Pittsfield, which envisions A community where a retired senior can live in a condo and go for a walk everyday while being able to take a bus to get groceries and prescriptions or meet friends at a restaurant. A community where a family can live in a safe neighborhood from where their children can walk/bike to a public park and the parents can find a job locally. A community where a single parent can feel safe and have access to good jobs, schools, recreation, and basic amenities such as local food and health care. A community where young folks can find a starter home or apartment and walk/bike to work and recreational activities. A community where folks can work in the service sector and be able to walk/bike/take a bus to access daily amenities. A community where green spaces are integrated into built spaces and local agriculture is economically viable. A community where folks can walk through recreational and nature trails from their place of work or residence. A community where open space preservation and infill development is a top priority. A community where everyone is welcome and contributes to its diversity and vibrancy. A community where we Set the Gold Standard in Public Service.”

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