Cross Connection Program FAQs

I’ve never had an inspection before. Why do I need one now?

Pittsfield Charter Township has had a Cross Connection Control program for a number of years, which began with inspections of all of the commercial and industrial accounts. As a natural progression of our program we are now inspecting residential customers as required by the State.

Is this inspection mandatory?

Yes. These inspections are conducted in order to ensure compliance with state regulations to maintain the safety of your drinking water.

What happens if I refuse to have the inspection done or to correct any problems it identifies?

Penalties for refusing to cooperate with inspections and/or refusing to make needed repairs can include termination of water service, a fine, or both.

Why do I need to test my backflow prevention assembly?

Just like any other mechanical device, backflow prevention assemblies are prone to wear and tear, and do break down from time to time. Regular testing is required in order to ensure that your device remains in proper working order.

Why doesn’t Pittsfield Charter Township pay for the testing of my backflow preventer?

A lawn irrigation system is not a required component of the water system. Homeowners who choose to install a lawn irrigation system as a convenience are responsible to assure the backflow preventer is properly installed and maintained in accordance with State laws and regulations.

Who is responsible for completing the repairs if necessary?

If you are the owner of the home being inspected, you are responsible for any needed repairs. Renters may have to refer to their lease agreements in order to determine whether they are responsible for repairs. Please note, a licensed plumber must make all repairs.