Police Department

Who are we?

The Pittsfield Township Police Department is comprised of 40 sworn police personnel, who are committed to the service of others. We serve residents and visitors across the township in an effort to make the places they live, work, or travel safe, secure, and free of negative impacts. 


Comprised of 40 sworn personnel, who provide service to residents and visitors across more than 27 square miles. We respond to more than 14,000 calls for service annually, with an average response rate of 5 minutes or less and nearly 90% rate for solving major crimes. 


 The mission of the Department of Public Safety is to provide exceptional police and fire services to safeguard lives and property in our community, while demonstrating the highest standards of leadership, professionalism and integrity, and to serve our community with compassion and dedication while respecting the rights and dignity of all persons.


We are here to serve and partner with you to ensure the safety of all in Pittsfield Township. To achieve that, we respond quickly to calls for service and perform thorough investigations. We also work closely with business organizations and residential groups. We believe in forming partnerships in the fight against crime to maintain the high quality of life our residents enjoy.