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Our Mission: Deliver the highest quality drinking water and reliable sanitary sewer collection in a cost effective and environmentally responsible manner while working together as one team for our community.

Our Vision: Strive to enhance the quality of life for the community in a safe, economical and cohesive manner.   Professional staff with knowledge and experience to provide our community with the highest-level customer service and professional maintenance.


The Utilities Department provides the following:

  • 24-hour standby emergency response
  • Cleaning and maintenance of township-owned sewer mains
  • Locating township-owned underground water and sewer lines
  • Meter reading, repair, and installation
  • Repair of underground water and sewer lines
  • Residential rubbish pickup
  • Utility billing and customer service, which includes water, sewer, & residential rubbish
  • Water service turn off for scheduled and emergency situation
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