Over the next 16 to 20 months, Pittsfield will create a Master Plan in accordance with the State of Michigan's Planning Enabling Act, PA 33 of 2008. The township envisions a dynamic and innovative Master Plan that will be used as a reference tool to guide the decision-making process for future land use, transportation, capital improvement expenditures, economic development, and general policy development.

Plan for Development

The township intends to develop the plan through careful consideration of the township's historical character, current character, and vision for the desired future character: recognizing the various diverse interests as well as unique regions within the roughly 28 square miles of land within its boundaries. In general, the plan will comprehensively explore all aspects that have influenced the current condition of the township. These aspects include but are not limited to: natural resources, land development practices, transportation patterns, relation to neighboring communities, the economy, population demographics, and growth trends. This information can then be coupled with growth projections and predicted development trends to provide a basis for understanding the influences that will affect the future of the township.

Ultimate Goal

The Master Plan will ultimately provide a set of implementation strategies that focus on the general policies and specific tasks the township must undertake to realize the visions and goals recognized through the master planning process.

Means of Completion

The development of the Master Plan will be accomplished through meaningful and thorough research, a comprehensive public participation process, and the utilization of various pools of talent including professional consultants, township staff, volunteers from the community, the support of the professionals in neighboring communities, and various outside agencies.