Patrol Services

Patrol Services

The Patrol Services division, under the command of the Patrol Services Lieutenant, is the largest portion of the police department comprised of police sergeants and officers with all services centered around the responsibilities of our road patrol.  

Road Patrol

Road Officers perform duties as a police officer as required by state and local statute to protect life and property through enforcement of laws and suppression of crime. Road officers respond to calls for service from residents and visitors, perform proactive crime suppression and traffic enforcement details, as well as community engagement and property checks.

Community Patrol Unit - Traffic Services

Assigned officers work closely with the citizens to promote a positive partnership between the community and law enforcement. Officers are responsible for identifying, developing, and implementing innovative strategies to prevent crime, as well as performing daily traffic safety and enforcement duties. Officers are committed to building a team, bringing law enforcement and the citizens of the community together to combat crime and enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors of the township.

Field Training Cadre

A team of experienced, senior field training officers (FTO) with specialized training. FTO's are responsible for the training and evaluation of new, probationary police officer, including the background investigation and interviews of prospective recruits.

Firearms Cadre

A team of officers and command officers, who are proficient in the use of firearms, receive specialized training in firearms and less-lethal tools, and are certified in the maintenance and repair of departmental firearms and equipment.

Bicycle Patrol

A team of road patrol officers with specialized training in riding and defensive tactics with equipment. Officers on bicycle patrol are responsible for the duties of a road officer with a focus on foot/bicycle patrol for personal community engagement, covert enforcement activities, and community events.

K-9 Unit

Police dogs are an essential and valuable addition to the Pittsfield Police Department. The Pittsfield Police Department currently has one police dog team. The team is cross-trained in patrol, tracking, and narcotic detection. The specially trained dog brings a variety of skills to police work and enhances the department's ability to serve in our community. Police dogs are a cost effective means of law enforcement in a modern police department. After initial training, police dogs are nationally certified.

Accident Investigations

A team of specially trained officers and command staff that are responsible for the investigation of all serious traffic crashes that result in serious injury or death of parties involved, including the prosecution of violations arising from the investigations.