Reports & Forms

The following are some of our forms available to be submitted online to Pittsfield Township's Department of Public Safety. 

Submit a Confidential Tip

If you wish to leave us with information regarding current, on-going, or past criminal activity, please submit a tip to us. Your information will be kept confidential. You may also call Pittsfield Township's Department of Public Safety at 734.822.4911 or our Tip Line at 734.822.4958.

File a Police Report Online

You may start the process of filing a police report for specific incidents when there is no known suspect. The specific incidents are harassing telephone calls, theft, lost property, damaged property/vandalism, private property crash/parked unattended vehicle found to have been struck, and accidental/non-intentional property damage. Click here and read/follow all the instructions. If you need immediate attention, call 911. If you require service or contact sooner than 48 hours, please call our non-emergency number at 734.822.4911. You may also be required to respond to the Pittsfield Township Department of Public Safety or personally meet with a Pittsfield Police Officer to complete this process.

Report Other Problems

Please let us know about any Criminal/Drug Activity, Traffic/Speeding Concerns, Private Property Traffic Crash, and any Other General Issues.

Request Police & Fire Records

You can request Police and Fire records from our Records Division. After you submit this form, our records department staff will contact you.

Citizens Complaint & Commendation

Would you like to commend an officer or dispatcher on a job well done? Would you like to file a complaint against one of our officers or dispatchers? Please do so on this Citizens Commendation & Complaint form.

Vacation Notification

In the event you are going to away on vacation, please let the Department of Public Safety know, so that we may be prepared for any emergencies at your residence and can conduct property checks as needed. Please complete our vacation notification form and submit it electronically or print and fax, mail, or drop off the form at the Department of Public Safety.

Ride-Along Application

The Pittsfield Department of Public Safety affords citizens an opportunity to observe police patrol activities and procedures, and to provide them an overall view of a police officer's duties. To begin the application process to ride along with one of our officers, review the Ride-Along Rules and Regulations, print the Ride-Along Application and Waiver forms, complete the forms, have the forms notarized, and return them to the Department of Public Safety.