Inclement Weather Procedures

The Farmers Market is a rain or shine event, however, in the case of inclement weather, as defined below, the Market Manager will be required to ask all vendors to pack up and leave township premises. At such time, vendor vehicles may enter to load after customers are safely out of the area.

Definition of inclement weather:

Generally, the Market will continue in light to moderate rain but will be suspended if it is raining heavily if there is standing water in the parking lot, or in the case of strong, sustained winds. The Market can also be delayed or canceled for other forms of inclement weather, or if the parking lot is found to be unfit, and for other unusual causes.

Should lightning be detected by the Market Manager, a minimum 30-minute suspension of the Market, and a potential "rain-out", can be declared if the lightning continues for a considerable amount of time (defined as more than 60 minutes/one hour). The Market Manager will commence the Market again if a time-frame of 30 minutes from the last lightning strike has elapsed. The vendors and manager can take shelter in the administration building.

Before the Market commences, the Market Manager is in charge of deciding whether or not the Market should be suspended or canceled due to rain or other inclement weather. If a severe weather alert is received by Pittsfield Township's Department of Public Safety or if lightning is spotted, the Market Manager will inform the vendors to shut down. The Market Manager will reconvene, or close the Market, within one hour of the suspension of the Market.

If the Market Manager is not immediately available, please call 734.881.7195 regarding weather concerns.